The world’s most sustainable pencils

Crafted from recycled newspapers, our pencils don’t just end their journey with the last stroke.

Plant them and watch as they sprout into seedlings, symbolizing hope and the growth of a better

A Green Favorite for a Brighter Tomorrow


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100+ brands and eco organisations trust us to spread their green message


Sketch a Greener Planet with Every Pencil

Our pencils do more than write – they redefine sustainability. Made from recycled newspapers and free from wood, they reduce waste and conserve forests.

These biodegradable pencils, embedded with seeds, turn urban spaces green and foster biodiversity. They symbolize a circular economy, innovative design, and the emotional journey from pencil to plant, nurturing a deeper environmental responsibility.


Elevate Your Promotions, Plant a Legacy

1environ’s plantable pencils offer a unique twist to traditional promotions. Each pencil is a promise of new beginnings, blossoming into plants and embedding your brand in the hearts and minds of your audience.

Embrace this simple yet powerful tool to showcase your dedication to innovation and the environment. Customise with your design and spread your message with a sustainable touch.

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