Our Story: Crafting Sustainability, One Pencil at a Time







Rooted in the colorful streets of Gujarat, India, Mohammed grew up surrounded by local artisans whose remarkable talents were often overshadowed by economic hardships. This inspired a deep-seated appreciation for handicrafts and a vision for change.

Alongside his brother Danial and sister-in-law Sakina, Mohammed set forth on a journey to bring this vision to life. Together, they recognized the unique potential in recycled newspaper pencils crafted by local women, seeing them as more than just tools for writing but as symbols of sustainability and community empowerment.

Embracing this opportunity, they formed a partnership to sell and spread the message about these pencils worldwide, turning a dream into reality.

The pencil
Our journey wasn’t without challenges. Perfecting a pencil that was both a superior writing instrument and a symbol of sustainability took countless hours of collaboration with top engineers and partners.

Our commitment was to create a pencil that wouldn’t just write smoothly but would bloom into life. After extensive testing, we achieved our goal: a pencil that not only writes flawlessly but is embedded with certified, non-GMO seeds, ensuring each one blossoms.

Our business is more than just pencils; it’s a lifeline to the women of Gujarat. Today as an ISO 45001 accredited business, we employ talented local women, offering them not just jobs, but a means to empower themselves and their communities. Each pencil crafted in our workshop is a story of skill and resilience for these women.

Looking to the future, our dream extends beyond the confines of commerce. We are committed to planting trees, with a portion of our profits dedicated to nurturing the Earth. Our pencils are not just tools for writing; they’re seeds for a greener, more sustainable world. Join us in our mission to write a better future, one pencil, one tree, one life at a time.