Elevate Your Promotions with our Recycled & Plantable Pencils

Transform your brand’s message into a living, breathing symbol of hope and renewal.

Our plantable pencils, born from recycled newspaper stories, bridge the gap between promotional product and eco-conscious advocacy.


Nature's Own Writing Tool: Bio-degradable, Sustainable, Effective

Our pencils are entirely biodegradable, free from wood, and made from recycled materials, they champion a no-plastic policy.

Our pencils actively divert waste going to the landfill, transforming it into something both beautiful and functional. Vegan-friendly and tree-saving, they not only write stories but also help plant new beginnings, fostering a healthier planet.


Transform Your Promotions, Plant a Legacy

1environ’s plantable pencils offer a unique twist to traditional promotions. Each pencil is a promise of new beginnings, blossoming into plants and embedding your brand in the hearts and minds of your audience.

Embrace this simple yet powerful tool to showcase your dedication to innovation and the environment. Customise with your design and spread your message with a sustainable touch.

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We’re here to ensure your experience with our plantable pencils is as unique as your brand.